The Sunrisers
of Town and Country

We’re Women of all ages, rising Tuesdays with the sun,
Heading to Town & Country Lanes for some bowling fun;
Bad weather doesn’t stop us – we know that we must go –
We’ll find a way to get there in spite of rain or snow.

Some mornings it is tempting to stay in a warm bed,
Huddling between flannel sheets and covering the head.
The alarm may have interrupted a very pleasant dream –
But then we remember we’re committed to our team.

We greet each other cheerfully as we gather in our places –
And it’s really good to see all those familiar faces.
It’s time to put on bowling shoes, put ball upon the track;
Take a few practice throws and hope our balls come back.

Next it’s time for bowling, competition now begins –
We want to win all three games as well as total pins.
But we’re real good sports, and honestly we like
Cheering one another on to make that spare or strike.

Bowling takes skill, and can keep bodies healthy –
It would be nice being pro and maybe get wealthy.
I wonder if others think bowlers aren’t quite sane
When aggressively knocking pins down again and again.

Let’s pray Tuesday Sunrisers continue to bowl –
Having fun and staying active is our main goal.
It’s also a great way to make many new friends,
Let’s enjoy time together until Women’ s league ends.


By: Dorothy Cantrell,   “Pick-up Artists”